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But the pledge comes amid some renewed tensions between the two countries and with Canada wholly dependent on foreign help to get COVID vaccines into Canada. India barred exports of the vaccine in January, but recently released a list of 25 countries where it has authorized exports to this month. Canada is not on that list, but Canada also was not scheduled to get any doses of AstraZeneca's vaccine until April. Health Canada has not yet approved that vaccine for use. Anshuman Gaur, India's deputy high commissioner in Canada, said in an interview with The Canadian Press Wednesday that Modi reacted positively to Trudeau's request but did not go so far as to say it would be fulfilled. Anand said she had not but didn't know if Trudeau had. Rempel Garner said she was encouraged to see the tweet from Modi, but remains concerned about Canada's total reliance on foreign production to get COVID vaccines. Anand said last week she had approached all seven companies with which Canada signed a vaccine deal to see if they would be interested in making some doses in Canada. They all decided Canada didn't have the facilities needed to make it happen fast enough.

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Ce couple vient d'accueillir son 14e gamin, mais aussi leur 14e garçon! Filtres sélectionnés. Mise à jour de la liste Ces avis sont traduits forcément depuis l'anglais. Afficher les traductions automatiques?

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