To Cultivate or Buy Magic Mushrooms: Which Is Better?

People buy magic mushrooms because researchers have elaborated on their medicinal benefits. Although there are only a few studies to convince the law in Canada or other countries, people are changing their minds about the use of shrooms.

But using shrooms or being open to them is not a new idea. In the past, it was used openly in religious or spiritual ceremonies. In some parts of the world, mushrooms are used to help people get better or to talk to God or gods.

Only in the ’70s, when the United Nations decided that psychedelics were getting out of hand, they banned their use. When psychedelics became illegal, all research was permanently stopped.

But in the 90s, psychedelic studies began to emerge, and scientists could grasp a little about the effects of the drug. Today, studies continue to evolve, finding promising benefits to help patients with depression, substance abuse, etc.

These studies have prompted people to use shrooms despite their legal status. Plenty of dispensaries offer magic mushrooms online, from different strains to product types.

Even if it is illegal to use, sell, or distribute magic mushrooms in Canada, there are still Canadian citizens who have them discreetly. So, where do they get their stocks?

To Cultivate or Buy Magic Mushrooms: Which Is Better?

Where to Get Your Mushrooms?

There are different ways you can access shrooms. Some are simple and quick methods, while others require patience to find them.

Purchase Online

The simplest way to get your psychedelic shrooms is to visit a reputable magic mushroom shop. You can find plenty of online options. There are also physical dispensaries that offer mushroom strains in their stocks.


Aside from mushrooms available online, you can find spores and growing kits. Cultivating your shrooms is another way for you to have them on hand.

Get in the Wild

If you live in a region where shrooms of any kind are predominant, it would be fun to go mushroom hunting. Psilocybin shrooms like to thrive in woods or grasslands that are rich in animal manure.

In addition, subtropical to tropical continents are ideal for shrooms. You can find them in Mexico, the US, Asia, Africa, Canada, and Australia.

However, there is a chance of choosing the incorrect mushrooms, some of which may even be toxic. To locate mushrooms in the wild, be confident you are familiar with their actual appearance.

Among these options for finding mushrooms, buying and cultivating are the two most accessible ways. Foraging mushrooms are only for those who live in subtropical countries.

Now, let’s see which of the two methods works out to be the best. Or which will suit your situation.

Why Buy Magic Mushrooms Online?

  • Convenient

It’s convenient because you can select many items and quickly add them to your cart with a few clicks. In addition, you can find what you’re looking for by searching for what you want with the help of filters that are accessible.

There is also the benefit of getting your orders delivered to your house. It can save time and effort, particularly if you want to buy large quantities.

  • Plenty of Great Selections

Instead of visiting various stores, buying online exposes you to various shroom products. You can find different dried mushroom strains, edibles, microdose capsules, etc.

You don’t have to prepare the product you need with plenty of options. For example, you can find ready-made online instead of making capsules for your daily microdose.

  • Available 24/7

You can visit and buy your shrooms any time of the day, particularly if you purchase them online. Shroom websites are open 24/7, so you can add to your cart and checkout your orders, even in the early mornings or late at night.

  • Great Deals

You can get great deals from reliable sites when you buy shrooms online. For example, Zoomies Canada offers a free shipping promo when you meet their minimum purchase requirement.

If you plan to stock up on all your favourite mushrooms, you can buy them in bulk for more discounts. In addition, there are referral programs that also offer a reward to loyal customers.

  • Get When You Need Them

Some mushroom goods can go wrong when they are not stored properly. In addition, over time, they lose their potency. Therefore, you must only have what you can consume.

When you buy online, you can control or limit the number of shrooms you have. That means you don’t need to worry about others going bad. Instead, you can purchase them anytime when you run out of stock.

Why Grow Your Shrooms?

Buying magic mushrooms shows plenty of reliable benefits. However, not everyone can wait for their orders to arrive after two days. Also, buying shrooms can be expensive for some, so they prefer to grow them.

Save Money

Let’s face it, buying shrooms is a bit pricey. It is not very expensive, but it can cost a little, particularly if you like potent strains.

If you constantly use shrooms, growing them will give you more stocks. However, you’ll need to bring out some cash to buy spores, invest in equipment, etc.

The quantity of mushrooms you might potentially generate for the same amount as what you could purchase is much over 100 times more. It’s much better if you like to have plenty of shrooms.

Safe and Discreet

When you grow your shrooms, no one will have an idea you have them. Not unless someone sees you growing them, which is most unlikely since you can cultivate shrooms discreetly.

Another benefit of having your shrooms is that you know what quality you are getting. Since you grow your mushrooms and prepare your products, you can tell what you have rather than buying from someone you don’t know.

Buying spores, whether online or from a brick-and-mortar shop, is legal. The reason states that spores do not contain the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. However, it becomes illegal once it starts to germinate.

When you grow your shrooms, they will begin to produce psilocybin, making it illegal. Spores are only legal for study purposes and not for cultivating shrooms. But cultivators are fond of growing or even breeding their shrooms.

Disadvantages of Acquiring Psychedelic Mushrooms?

One disadvantage of buying shrooms is their price. It’s a bit expensive, particularly if you get magic mushroom edibles, since these products are lab-tested and premium. But you know you are receiving the best quality.

Meanwhile, growing shrooms can take time for preparation and cultivating your strain. In addition, there is a chance that your shrooms will be contaminated, so you must repeat the process.

Also, you must go through a lengthy process of preparing your shrooms, from drying to making edibles or capsules. Sometimes it’s so tedious that it’s better to buy online. Click here to learn more.

To Grow or Buy Magic Mushroom: Which is Better?

Ultimately, it is the user’s choice on how they prefer to acquire their shrooms. If you want immediate results, you can purchase magic mushrooms online. If you find fun in growing your shrooms, try cultivating them. What matters is that you choose a way of getting shrooms at your convenience.